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Interactive platform DBQuest wants K-12 history students to go deeper than famous quotes

"iCivics, a nonprofit education company founded by retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, launched the upgrade of DBQuest to coincide with Black History Month...iCivics worked with Filament Games to create and design the platform, which allows teachers to track students’ progress and share their work with the class."

Behind the Scenes of Oculus Educational Content

"Breaking Boundaries in Science takes you on the journey of Marie Curie, Grace Hopper, and Jane Goodall. Their awe-inspiring stories are told in an immersive way that not only connects people to the science and history behind their accomplishments, but also touches on their personal journeys as they broke boundaries in fields that were historically reserved for men."

Serious Games Offering Players an Inroad to the World of Robotics

Serious Game Market
"RoboEngineers is an immersive VR sandbox where players can design, build, and test their own robot, offering players an engaging inroad to the world of robotics and mechanical engineering. As an open-ended robotics sandbox experience, RoboEngineers will afford players the ability to form hypotheses, build robots, test, and iterate, mirroring the processes of project-based robotics and maker programs."
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